Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dad and I - Blessed

It's official, running a race you trained for is much better than doing it unprepared! I did run (and sometimes walk) the 5K and my High School reunion last month, and it was no problem! My dad actually decided to run with me and that was a neat experience. We live a long way from each other, and don't get many opportunities to do things together. I would have never guessed this would be the thing that would bring us together.

Historically, I have avoided running like the plague. And my father has had a lot of serious health issues. He was diagnosed with Leukemia six years ago, and it almost killed him. He lost about a hundred pounds, first from the illness, and then from the chemotherapy. The recovery is wonderful news, but it has been slow. I was surprised to learn recently that dad has been playing basketball again, something he hadn't done for years even before his illness. So he felt ready to do this 5K with me.

We finished the race, on a beautiful Sunday. We didn't care about winning. But I think we felt blessed to be ABLE to run, and to walk, and to live, together.