Sunday, June 21, 2015

Share What You Love

Did you know that I have been a Shaklee user for FOUR years now? Probably not! Because the whole first year I was still skeptical. I took some vitamins. I changed out some of my cleaners. But I hardly mentioned it to anyone! Then, my second year in Shaklee I had a newborn. So things were pretty crazy! But that is when I started to notice how much healthier I felt.

I used to have a sore throat all the time. Seriously - from the sniffles, it always progressed to an infection. I got strep throat almost every year! Since I started taking Shaklee nutrition, my health changed. It really did. I’m not going to say I NEVER get a sniffle. I do – but it is usually when I’ve been getting lax and forgetting to take my vitamins, And I can reverse it. It doesn’t drag on and on like it used to. Shaklee has made a real difference in my health. So NOW – I talk about it! I share Shaklee because I have seen the results for myself. And now I know WHY Shaklee is better than the things you can buy in drugstores or even specialized vitamin shops.

Shaklee’s commitment to quality is news-worthy. It’s amazing! They care MORE about your health than they do about making a profit. And that is rare. Of course they want to make a profit and stay afloat, but they have never sacrificed quality or purity for money. I TRUST Shaklee. I really do. And that is why I can share shamelessly. It’s like sharing my favorite band or raving about my favorite restaurant. I love to share Shaklee, because I’m pretty sure you will love it too!