Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forgetting to Breathe

It sounds strange, but I'm so stressed at work these days that I think I'm forgetting to breathe. Several times a day I catch myself gasping for breath after what must have been too long a period of concentration. Even when I do breathe, I never feel quite caught up on oxygen. I find myself wondering if I've developed asthma or something, but I think I'm just really stressed out.

This doesn't seem to happen after I've been home for an hour or two, watering my garden or checking the mail. Once I get out of my high-stress environment I breathe just fine. These days medical workers know the big deal that stress is. The physical and emotional toll can be high. Ulcers, back and neck pain, eczema, stomach pain, even baldness and infertility are linked to stress in some cases. Our bodies are a careful balance. What signs have you seen that stress has worn on you now, or in the past?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things Change ... so can you

I've held on to a lot of statements as my identity over my lifetime. I believed them, repeated them, and when reality said otherwise, I just counted it as a short blip on the screen before I inevitably returned to the "me" my words had created. I used to think that I "WAS" a girl who always had long hair, who hated running, who never got a traffic ticket, and so much more. I realize now, those labels were something that may have applied at a time in my life, but I don't own them, and they don't own me. My life is fluid, and no label guarantees me anything. I can cut my hair and love it. I can (unfortunately) get pulled over. I can go for a run and feel good. I can change and still be me. My world is open. I am not my past unless I refuse to walk into my future.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something New

Not only does doing the same exercise routine get boring - it doesn't challenge our muscles or our metabolism in new and challenging ways. I ran across this list today of some unusual options to keep fit. I know I love Zumba (might have to consider upgrading my gym and going), but there are some other great options too. Some I've never heard of.

Click here for a list of Excersises you've never tried.