Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kids running Marathons?

Wow - does anybody besides me remember the story of the original marathon? Suffice it to say, at the end of the 26.2 miles the messenger collapsed and died. Really! That is the origin of the Marathon. So when I read THIS BLOG by New York Times Columnist Tara Parker-Pope I gasped. Are people really encouraging their children to run marathons?

I'm all about introducing kids to fitness of course. But this seems a bit much. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Stop Talking and Do Something

It may not be politically correct for me to discuss this - but I'm sure you've wondered too. What am I supposed to do about homeless people? Do I give them $5 that might go straight toward their next beer or drug fix? Do I as a female stop and chat with strange men? Do I ignore them because giving is just encouraging their dysfunctional behavior?

I really don't know the answers. Where do you weigh in on the issue? I've heard very convincing arguments on both sides.

I remember a few years ago I discussed this with a Bible Study group I was part of. We determined that the best way would be to be actively involved in an organized answer to the problem, like a shelter, food pantry, etc. We decided to get involved. But we didn't ... Now, three years later, I'm still here, not making a difference for people in desperate need.

I'm stepping up now. I want to help in a way that is bigger than the dollar menu or a pack of cigarettes. I'm supporting StandUp for Kids as they reach out to homeless young people right here in my own country. Will you please, join me - in ACTION to make a difference? I've determined to raise $2,000 in the next three weeks to help these kids. Please click HERE to give today. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Optional

Feeling the burn from this weekend's workouts! That is always a good sign. I'm so glad I insisted on fitting the time in for a workout on Friday and Monday. A lot is possible when you view it as priority.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please Give Love!!

I hope each of you felt some kind of love this Valentine season. Now I hope you'll SHARE the love with others. I've committed to raise $2000 to help homeless children and youth. 26,000 young people in Orange County, California have no safe place to go. Please, listen to this song, be inspired, and love. Click HERE  to donate toward my goal to bring safety and love to children.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beyond the Safety Rope

I spent last week in south Mexico in the beautiful state of Chiapas. I highly recommend it! I went for work, with a group of dedicated volunteers who are helping lead a mission project for teens this summer. We spent a lot of time on the road (dirt, gravel, paved, and mud varieties) traveling from site to site. Besides sitting in a van together we also spent a lot of time eating really good food. This wasn’t my best week for fitness.

The dinky hotel gym didn’t call my name either late at night when we arrived, nor early in the morning before our 7am breakfasts. But I did find one way to get moving! One afternoon we decided to check out a local find, Cima de las Cotorras. We wondered how good this could really be – because – the book described a big hole in the ground.

Well, the description was right. It is a BIG, BIG hole in the ground. The flat grassland is interrupted by an abrupt drop about 160 meters in diameter. The initial view at the start of the trail was impressive, but as we hiked around the lip it was hard to see down because of all the brush blocking our view. At the end of the trail, a guide told us that there was another trail that takes you 40 meters down into the 140 meter canyon and sports a much clearer view.

My coworker jumped right in and clambered down the steep dirt trail. I really admire his attitude of saying yes to any adventure, and any responsibility. I held back, considering my options, and wondering if the view was really worth it. A few minutes later I glimpsed him nearly opposite me and standing on a rock ledge inside the cavernous hole!

The view was obviously better than any I had seen and I decided to go for it too. It took me at least twice as long to pick down the steep path, and once I went off on a false trail, but I eventually arrived to the narrow rock ledge with a stunning view of the canyon and the unique forest growing on it’s floor. In the summer months the canyon is filled with hundreds of parrots flying in flocks and echoing their calls in the cylindrical rock enclosed forest. In February we saw only a few of the bright green birds. Soaking it in, I was glad I said yes to adventure. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

If She Can Do It ...

Wow! I just the story of an amazing woman who recently completed a marathon - at the age of 92!!!

This was no new thing. Gladys has always been active. She says the exercise helps her deal with stress and grief from some of the hard things she has gone through. It's true. Don't you usually feel better about things after getting out and moving around? I know that is usually the case for me.

Gladys is a Seventh-day Adventist (so am I) and that group places an emphasis on healthy living. Gladys has certainly gone a step beyond me in that direction by usually skipping dessert. Hmmmm ... I'll have to think about that one. But being that fit and able at 92 ... that is worth quite a bit of dessert.

Click HERE to read her story.