Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Stop Talking and Do Something

It may not be politically correct for me to discuss this - but I'm sure you've wondered too. What am I supposed to do about homeless people? Do I give them $5 that might go straight toward their next beer or drug fix? Do I as a female stop and chat with strange men? Do I ignore them because giving is just encouraging their dysfunctional behavior?

I really don't know the answers. Where do you weigh in on the issue? I've heard very convincing arguments on both sides.

I remember a few years ago I discussed this with a Bible Study group I was part of. We determined that the best way would be to be actively involved in an organized answer to the problem, like a shelter, food pantry, etc. We decided to get involved. But we didn't ... Now, three years later, I'm still here, not making a difference for people in desperate need.

I'm stepping up now. I want to help in a way that is bigger than the dollar menu or a pack of cigarettes. I'm supporting StandUp for Kids as they reach out to homeless young people right here in my own country. Will you please, join me - in ACTION to make a difference? I've determined to raise $2,000 in the next three weeks to help these kids. Please click HERE to give today. 

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