Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So what would you consider to be the big, juicy steak of the fruit world? I'm in a mood today, craving anything with lots of fat, and at the same time fighting a sore throat, stuffy head and persistant headache. It isn't a great time to be munching on chocolates, chips and junk. I needed something meaty, something satisfying. Thankfully the big bag of Ruby Red grapefruits caught my attention at the store. This is a great batch, and the flesh is truly meaty and perfect. Yum!   

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Solution

I saw this quote today on one of my new favorite websites and couldn't help but notice the correlation to this blog. So, if you were in charge of healing the world (and you are, actually) what do you propose?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DQ Rocks the HOUSE

So last weekend it POURED in SoCal. We had to cancel our outing with the homeless/at risk youth to the ropes course. But we decided to go ahead with a fun activity anyway. We were celebrating birthdays for two young men and had to make it fabulous. So, we hit the bowling alley Sunday morning. Somehow it came up in conversation that I adore all things dairy - and I sometimes call myself the Dairy Queen.

Next thing you know, my name is entered on the bowling scoreboard as DQ.  These guys are fabulous. We had such a great time! The kids were probably 15-22, most without a place to live, but just normal guys really. I really connected with a few of them, and very surprisingly, stole the win in round two of our games. I have never been the best bowler (or any competitive game really) but it seems my general improvement in focus of late turns up in bowling too! Sending love to my peeps on the streets. Stay dry.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Come Bearing Gifts (ok gift cards)

As you may know, I'm working with a group of amazing volunteers to support the StandUp For Kids mission in Orange County. These dedicated volunteers walk the streets looking for kids sleeping behind Starbucks or on the riverbank. There are tens of thousands of children and teens living without a home. This weekend I finally get to interact with them! I'm attending a really special event where we're taking some of these kids on an amazing field trip! A few weeks ago I completed the ropes course at Challenge U with my team of world-transforming buddies. It was more impactful than I ever could have imagined, and now the amazing staff at Challenge U are donating their time and facilities to provide this interactive training event for about 20 of the homeless teens that are connected with StandUp for Kids.

I'm anxious to meet some of the young people I've heard so much about. And I don't want to go empty handed! StandUp for Kids is requesting gift cards. Volunteers go out several nights a week to meet up with these homeless children, buy them a meal or a hot drink, and talk. Eventually they form relationships that lead to developments like earning their GED, moving into an apartment, getting a job. But all of those interactions cost money. I'd like to go down with a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards to help support this cause. Do you have any cards sitting around from Christmas, or would you be willing to purchase a $10, $20 or $50 card to feed these hungry kids for a night? Great choices are coffee shops, fast food, grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores. I'll be flying down to SoCal this weekend, and again next weekend. Please help me collect some gift cards to present! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

They're Doing the Hard Part

I think it's easy for people to misunderstand teenagers. I know so, because I do it myself. Even though we all went through adolescence, it is difficult for many people to relate to those going through it now. The transition between childhood and adulthood is hard, and for homeless teens, even harder. Kids living on the streets are dealing with things no one should have to deal with. They react as best they can, but they need help. And THANKFULLY there are people who are really passionate about helping them. The volunteers and staff at StandUp for Kids really want to make the difference for young people, and foster a healthy transition into well-adjusted adulthood. So you know what? You don't have to walk to the streets conversing with teenagers. You can if you want. But they already are, and they are great at it. They just need our support. So please, help this amazing charity serve kids. Your help is revolutionary. Click HERE to read more about it and give.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

THE Pants! part one

I had a great weekend. In part because I was wearing, in public, for the first time, THE Pants! Last winter a friend of mine gave me three pairs of pants she thought might fit me. I'm not sure why she thought they would because she is much much thinner than I. They are great pants, and best of all, have a nice long inseam - something hard to find for me.

I took them home, tried them on, and found them all too tight, in varying degrees. Light blue pants were the  closest to fitting, then white, and finally the super tiny dark blue wash. I determined to get into those pants by the summer. But alas, I gained weight instead of losing it! By Christmas time I couldn't even pretend to button them. So this January, in light of my new fitness goals I tried them on again and took some pictures. I WON'T post them, but let's just say there were some major issues around the midsection.

This past weekend I put on THE Pants (version light blue) and they fit! Really well actually. It was thrilling to have cute new pants, and to know that all my determination is paying off. Next up - White and dark blue Pants. I'm coming for you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lightning Fast

Sunday I set my alarm for 5 minutes before a morning call, and from then on just jumped from one thing to the next. The whole day disappeared - mostly eaten up by my phone and laptop. I had determined to go to the gym. My Sunday workout is usually the longest, often 2 hours. I slid in the front door of the gym at 5:45pm (Still on the phone) and the manager stopped to remind me that the doors close at 6pm.

I ended my call and determined to get as many reps in as possible. Amazingly, I finished my entire arms routine (2 sets each of six exercise) just in time. I actually walked out 1 minute early! It may not have been the best strategy for muscle growth, but I did everything in good form, so I think it was a lot better than nothing. And I learned a valuable lesson. My gym visit doesn't have to be a laborious 2-hour misery. Most of that is just me wasting time! I'm liking the lightning fast workout regimen. But I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(don't) Give me some Sugar!

I've been putting this off - but it's time. I am a singer - and I fall victim to colds, flu, tonsilitis, etc, way too often! It seems like I spend 70% of the fall and winter with a runny nose and sore throat. I've noticed a decrease in illness since I started using an amazing health transformation system. But I just got back from a long stressful trip with very little sleep - and I have the tell-tale signs of sickness setting in.

This is even more worrisome than usual, because I have (long-awaited) plans to record an album this month. I really want to be at my best for this! So, I'm going off of processed sugar until my vocals are recorded. That may be March 15 or 22. We are still waiting to confirm the studio dates.

I won't be scouring labels for added sugar in ketchup or chili beans, but I will be avoiding sugary candy, soda and pastries. These are all things I should be avoiding anyway, but this is an extra incentive. Any tips on keeping my throat healthy, and vanquishing a sweet tooth?

How to Teach Healthy Habits

I volunteer each month for a wonderful free clinic. We see lots of un/underinsured patients with all kinds of medical needs. Many of the patients come in with the typical problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. Most of these problems can be greatly reduced with really simple adjustment to lifestyle. It is important to me that the clinic start sharing easy, attainable ways to improve health, apart from just prescriptions.

What health materials can you suggest to give out to patients? Anyone have some to donate? What about helpful websites in English, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese or Russian?

Education about healthy choices can make a huge difference for people. I'm excited to incorporate this. Please give me your ideas!