Thursday, March 24, 2011

DQ Rocks the HOUSE

So last weekend it POURED in SoCal. We had to cancel our outing with the homeless/at risk youth to the ropes course. But we decided to go ahead with a fun activity anyway. We were celebrating birthdays for two young men and had to make it fabulous. So, we hit the bowling alley Sunday morning. Somehow it came up in conversation that I adore all things dairy - and I sometimes call myself the Dairy Queen.

Next thing you know, my name is entered on the bowling scoreboard as DQ.  These guys are fabulous. We had such a great time! The kids were probably 15-22, most without a place to live, but just normal guys really. I really connected with a few of them, and very surprisingly, stole the win in round two of our games. I have never been the best bowler (or any competitive game really) but it seems my general improvement in focus of late turns up in bowling too! Sending love to my peeps on the streets. Stay dry.

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