Monday, March 7, 2011

Lightning Fast

Sunday I set my alarm for 5 minutes before a morning call, and from then on just jumped from one thing to the next. The whole day disappeared - mostly eaten up by my phone and laptop. I had determined to go to the gym. My Sunday workout is usually the longest, often 2 hours. I slid in the front door of the gym at 5:45pm (Still on the phone) and the manager stopped to remind me that the doors close at 6pm.

I ended my call and determined to get as many reps in as possible. Amazingly, I finished my entire arms routine (2 sets each of six exercise) just in time. I actually walked out 1 minute early! It may not have been the best strategy for muscle growth, but I did everything in good form, so I think it was a lot better than nothing. And I learned a valuable lesson. My gym visit doesn't have to be a laborious 2-hour misery. Most of that is just me wasting time! I'm liking the lightning fast workout regimen. But I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons.

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