Sunday, January 30, 2011

The First Finish Line

I did it! Despite a very discouraging downpour - my very encouraging running buddy and I hit the pavement this morning at 8am. Turnout was low since the weather was awful and this is California after all. People aren't accustomed to roughing it in the elements.

Since I have never considered myself a runner (and still don't actually) I don't have real running shoes, just some all-purpose athletic-y type that I wear to the gym. I got a painful blister but at least it didn't happen until we were almost done. We were pretty soaked from head to toe just a few minutes into the race. Make that one minute. Or less.

Most of the race we ran next to a super-fit mother who was trying to make her two children run the 5K this blustery, wet morning. From the very start the 9 year-old girl was lagging behind and wanting to quit. Watching the mom cajole her and lie about how they were "almost there" was sad. It seemed cruel, unusual and the foretelling of a future eating disorder and lots of other issues. After the race I heard the mom trying to convince her daughter to have an orange slice instead of a mini bagel. Maybe this is all normal. To me it seemed sad. What do you think?

Speaking of kids - I raised $100 for StandUp For Kids this morning, thanks to Juanita's generous donation. Thank you so much!!!  Please consider making a donation to this amazing cause that reaches out to kids who live homeless on our streets right here in the US. Click HERE to donate.

Sooooooo, cut to the chase, right? Well, you can guess that if I ran alongside a 9-year old who complained the whole time I didn't finish first. My time was 41:20 I think, results will be posted officially tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2011


My first race is less than 48 hours away! How did this happen so fast? If I wasn't committed to my cause of helping homeless kids get help, and accountable to you ... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be getting up before 5am on a Sunday. Please sponsor my participation in this race by making a difference for kids who don't have the love and support that they deserve. Click HERE to donate now. If I raise $250 I'll post a photo of bleary-eyed racing me. You know you want to see that! And thank you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Run for it!

This site is about two things - creating accountability about health, and using the journey to help those in need. The first opportunity to make that happen is this weekend! I am participating in my first-ever race. Well, I guess I did some of those races as a kid, hopping along with our legs tied together, or carrying an egg in a spoon. But pure athletic competition, I've tried to avoid.

This Sunday, January 30 I'll be entering my first 5k race. This isn't something I naturally crave - but it is the perfect opportunity to take a bunch of steps toward health and create the opportunity for you to help support children in need. PLEASE BE A SPONSOR FOR MY RACE!

StandUp for Kids is an amazing organization that I am totally taken with. They focus on creating love, help and eventually rehabilitation for kids who are living on the streets. StandUp for Kids has active programs in 39 states, plus Washington D.C. I've been so impressed learning about the difference they are making in transforming lives.

One of the big needs right now is to have a facility in Orange County, California for the 26,000 homeless children and young people on the streets in this one county. Let's make it happen! You can help by sponsoring my race! I'll do the early morning running/walking, and you just push a button and make a huge difference. Please consider sponsoring my VERY FIRST race ever with $100, $50, $25, however much you can spare. And remember, this is really all about kids who need someone who cares enough to take action. CLICK HERE to sponsor me and start healing the world!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping Track

What slipped by you last year? We always exclaim, "I can't believe it went by so fast!"

Things pass us by when we don't pay attention - when we aren't present. I am using an amazing nutrition program that I love, but I've been given permission to flex. "If you really want a cookie," my coach said, "have a cookie! Just not five cookies." That was before Christmas. And unfortunately that has come to mean in my brain, take your supplements and eat whatever else you want.

So I have started tracking everything (everything!) that goes in my mouth. Being conscious of what goes in and acknowledging it alone makes a difference. Funny how I think writing it down is accountability, when really - my body writes down a record of everything I do!

Straying from the line IS NOT bad in diet, finance, friendships, routines, etc. We need the flexibility to take on new things, to indulge, to try something new. What gets us is that we don't realize what is building.

EAT YOUR COOKIE (watch a movie instead of vacuuming, splurge on new shoes). And savor it. Write it down. Acknowledge that it happened and where it fits into your goal.

PS I'm tracking using the MyPlate program at

Monday, January 17, 2011

Having Kids This Year ...

I’m having kids! Finally! I know you have all been murmuring about me. 31. Good-lookin'. Knows how to cook. Decent capacity for nurturing. Why is she messing around and not busy reproducing? Well the time has come for me to give of my life to help the younger generation … just not quite the way you may have had in mind.

This year I want to help kids – LOTS of kids! (Maybe some grown-up people too.) And my plan is to do so while getting healthier. I’ve always been a little, um, big-boned. Besides that, I’m tired a lot, and my pants don’t fit anymore, and I’ve had about enough. I have a plan and I want you to hold me to it. Are you willing to follow my journey, stand beside me and help make a difference for kids in need? 

As I go through this health transformation you will have the opportunity to sponsor me, based on results, with proceeds going to help kids who need some serious help. Of course you don’t have to sponsor any of my health challenges, but I think it could be kind of fun – like fantasy football or something. AND together we’ll be healing the world.

For the first quarter of 2011 I’m being my best to help an amazing organization called Stand Up for Kids. They have facilities in 39 states (plus D.C.) and they reach out to help and support homeless children and teens right here in the United States. You wouldn’t believe how many kids live on the street with no home. How tragic …  In Orange County California – home of Disneyland - 26,000 children are homeless right now. Please help me raise funds toward their goal to begin a Stand Up for Kids center in Orange County. Click HERE to donate toward this amazing cause!