Monday, January 24, 2011

Run for it!

This site is about two things - creating accountability about health, and using the journey to help those in need. The first opportunity to make that happen is this weekend! I am participating in my first-ever race. Well, I guess I did some of those races as a kid, hopping along with our legs tied together, or carrying an egg in a spoon. But pure athletic competition, I've tried to avoid.

This Sunday, January 30 I'll be entering my first 5k race. This isn't something I naturally crave - but it is the perfect opportunity to take a bunch of steps toward health and create the opportunity for you to help support children in need. PLEASE BE A SPONSOR FOR MY RACE!

StandUp for Kids is an amazing organization that I am totally taken with. They focus on creating love, help and eventually rehabilitation for kids who are living on the streets. StandUp for Kids has active programs in 39 states, plus Washington D.C. I've been so impressed learning about the difference they are making in transforming lives.

One of the big needs right now is to have a facility in Orange County, California for the 26,000 homeless children and young people on the streets in this one county. Let's make it happen! You can help by sponsoring my race! I'll do the early morning running/walking, and you just push a button and make a huge difference. Please consider sponsoring my VERY FIRST race ever with $100, $50, $25, however much you can spare. And remember, this is really all about kids who need someone who cares enough to take action. CLICK HERE to sponsor me and start healing the world!

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