Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping Track

What slipped by you last year? We always exclaim, "I can't believe it went by so fast!"

Things pass us by when we don't pay attention - when we aren't present. I am using an amazing nutrition program that I love, but I've been given permission to flex. "If you really want a cookie," my coach said, "have a cookie! Just not five cookies." That was before Christmas. And unfortunately that has come to mean in my brain, take your supplements and eat whatever else you want.

So I have started tracking everything (everything!) that goes in my mouth. Being conscious of what goes in and acknowledging it alone makes a difference. Funny how I think writing it down is accountability, when really - my body writes down a record of everything I do!

Straying from the line IS NOT bad in diet, finance, friendships, routines, etc. We need the flexibility to take on new things, to indulge, to try something new. What gets us is that we don't realize what is building.

EAT YOUR COOKIE (watch a movie instead of vacuuming, splurge on new shoes). And savor it. Write it down. Acknowledge that it happened and where it fits into your goal.

PS I'm tracking using the MyPlate program at

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