Thursday, May 15, 2014


My attitude toward health and fitness has evolved a lot the last few years. I was not very conscious of health when I was younger. I still consider myself pretty moderate health-wise. Growing up I was always sick with something. I had strep throat at least once a year, and it seems like I had a sore throat all fall, winter and spring. This lasted though high school, college, and into my 30’s. The year before my son was born I started learning lots more about health. I wasn’t planning to get pregnant (I’m not married) so I think it was a God-thing, preparing my life, body and home for a little one before I even had any idea he was coming.

I revolutionized my diet, started by “cleansing” once a month for awhile, then began an easy (important!) weight management program that focused on keeping muscle and shedding fat. I also started really paying attention to nutrition and found supplements that could help round out my body, and give it what it so obviously needed! Since that time, my body is SO much better equipped to handle life. I rarely get sick, and if I do happen to catch the sniffles from daycare that my son brings home, I can kick it quick. It’s such a contrast to my body before. I’m so thankful for the change!

Watching my own health change, I got excited about what I’d found, and the impact it could have on my family, friends, and so many people who just need to be healthy and live their lives! I began sharing healthy possibilities with people, and today it’s my side business, my favorite hobby, and my dream for the future! I’m “in progress” and learning more every day.

How has your fitness journey changed through the years?