Thursday, March 10, 2011

THE Pants! part one

I had a great weekend. In part because I was wearing, in public, for the first time, THE Pants! Last winter a friend of mine gave me three pairs of pants she thought might fit me. I'm not sure why she thought they would because she is much much thinner than I. They are great pants, and best of all, have a nice long inseam - something hard to find for me.

I took them home, tried them on, and found them all too tight, in varying degrees. Light blue pants were the  closest to fitting, then white, and finally the super tiny dark blue wash. I determined to get into those pants by the summer. But alas, I gained weight instead of losing it! By Christmas time I couldn't even pretend to button them. So this January, in light of my new fitness goals I tried them on again and took some pictures. I WON'T post them, but let's just say there were some major issues around the midsection.

This past weekend I put on THE Pants (version light blue) and they fit! Really well actually. It was thrilling to have cute new pants, and to know that all my determination is paying off. Next up - White and dark blue Pants. I'm coming for you!

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