Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(don't) Give me some Sugar!

I've been putting this off - but it's time. I am a singer - and I fall victim to colds, flu, tonsilitis, etc, way too often! It seems like I spend 70% of the fall and winter with a runny nose and sore throat. I've noticed a decrease in illness since I started using an amazing health transformation system. But I just got back from a long stressful trip with very little sleep - and I have the tell-tale signs of sickness setting in.

This is even more worrisome than usual, because I have (long-awaited) plans to record an album this month. I really want to be at my best for this! So, I'm going off of processed sugar until my vocals are recorded. That may be March 15 or 22. We are still waiting to confirm the studio dates.

I won't be scouring labels for added sugar in ketchup or chili beans, but I will be avoiding sugary candy, soda and pastries. These are all things I should be avoiding anyway, but this is an extra incentive. Any tips on keeping my throat healthy, and vanquishing a sweet tooth?

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