Monday, February 14, 2011

If She Can Do It ...

Wow! I just the story of an amazing woman who recently completed a marathon - at the age of 92!!!

This was no new thing. Gladys has always been active. She says the exercise helps her deal with stress and grief from some of the hard things she has gone through. It's true. Don't you usually feel better about things after getting out and moving around? I know that is usually the case for me.

Gladys is a Seventh-day Adventist (so am I) and that group places an emphasis on healthy living. Gladys has certainly gone a step beyond me in that direction by usually skipping dessert. Hmmmm ... I'll have to think about that one. But being that fit and able at 92 ... that is worth quite a bit of dessert.

Click HERE to read her story.

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