Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things Change ... so can you

I've held on to a lot of statements as my identity over my lifetime. I believed them, repeated them, and when reality said otherwise, I just counted it as a short blip on the screen before I inevitably returned to the "me" my words had created. I used to think that I "WAS" a girl who always had long hair, who hated running, who never got a traffic ticket, and so much more. I realize now, those labels were something that may have applied at a time in my life, but I don't own them, and they don't own me. My life is fluid, and no label guarantees me anything. I can cut my hair and love it. I can (unfortunately) get pulled over. I can go for a run and feel good. I can change and still be me. My world is open. I am not my past unless I refuse to walk into my future.

1 comment:

  1. so well stated carrie! i love this, "I am not my past unless I refuse to walk into my future." such great writing! i hope that someday we will get to run a race together :)